Ask Steve…

Steve Miller & Associates, My Franchise Navigator
Aren’t most franchises food and retail businesses?

Would you be surprise to learn that under 5% of the over 100 clients I’ve place in franchise businesses are in food or retail? While it’s true that many franchises are in those categories, the vast majority of my clients own businesses in home services, business to business services, real estate, travel or education. It’s likely that 95% of my clients wouldn’t have discovered the business they ultimately invested in had I not introduced them to it. My role as a coach and advisor is to introduce my clients to options that best fit their goals, needs and expectations based upon information obtained during conversations with them.

How can the acquisition of a franchise be funded?

The most common option is a loan backed by the Small Business Administration. Requirements for these loans are  a credit score of 680 or higher, no recent bankruptcies, $17,000 in liquid capital and  post closing net worth of $50,000 excluding the value of a primary residence. Additional options include cash, lines of credit, retirement fund rollovers

How are you compensated for your time?

As a member of the International Professional Franchise Group (IFPG) I have access to introduce my clients to more than 600 business options in various categories.  If it makes sense I introduce my clients to a select number of these options based upon their goals, needs and expectations.  If the the is awarded the franchise and they decide to acquire one of those businesses, that company provides a placement fee for making the introduction. There’s never a cost or obligation for my service.

Why should I engage with you as my franchise coach and advisor?

The better question is why would you not? Starting or acquiring a franchise is likely one the most important business decisions you’ll make. The process is quite complex, especially if your inexperienced and attempt go it alone. With over twenty five years of experience in the franchise space as a franchise developer, regional support manger, a three time franchise owner and twelve years experience as a franchise coach, there’s probably nobody better qualified to assist you. Click  here (insert link to my LinkedIn profile) to read what more than fifty clients have to say about working with me.